Along with Progressive Freemasons sisters and brothers of various planetary latitudes, we planned the book series Freemasons. An Unlimited Liability Company, for a very specific purpose. And that purpose is to offer a global awareness to humans of every corner of the terraqueous globe (the first volume of Freemasons, “The discovery of the Ur-Lodges”, was first published in Italy and in Italian language, but soon it will be published into other languages, starting from Spanish and English: same plan will befall the other volumes of the book series), about the genesis of contemporary society. We wanted to offer a precise knowledge (altogether historiography, political science and socio-anthropological) of when, how and why human beings have started to consider themselves citizens and not vassals; of when, how and why they were born journalism, the concept and praxis of public opinion and civil society, the rule of law, the freedom of association, speech, thought, scientific research, conscience and religion, the parliamentary praxis and the affirmation of popular sovereignty, forms of mutual aid of the nineteenth-century-old welfare state, laical society, libertarian, open, pluralistic and sympathetic. We intended to tell, throughout the five volumes of the book series FREEMASONS, the entire progressive long wave of Freemasonry which, among many lights and some shadow, has certainly revolutionized and improved the entire global oecumene, from XVII- XVIII centuries, until the last few seasons authentically focused on the dignity of man and citizen and on an attempt to material, moral and spiritual promotion of living standard of each and every one. Recent seasons that correspond with the final defeat of Nazism and Fascism (whose tenebrous affirmation was a first attempt of anti-democratic and illiberal involution by reactionary and counter-initiates masonic global circuits) in 1945, with the redaction and presentation at United Nations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and with the heroic and farseeing attempt worked with the Kennedy’s New Frontier (60s of the twentieth century). All this, supported by a concrete implementation, from 1945 to the late '70s, of theories and political-economic practices clearly Keynesian and Rooseveltian, which allowed access to education and to minimum conditions of wellness and dignity for hundreds of millions people excluded from destitution and moral and material misery of their ancestors. With the first volume of FREEMASONS (and the volumes to follow), however, we wanted to tell even the dreaded and hateful project of social butchery, of oligarchic, technocratic and anti-democratic global involution operated by reactionary masonic circuits (for the first time in history reached to a contingent hegemony in “latomistic” terms) from the 60s - 70s of the twentieth century. And we have told and we will tell even better the criminal and brutal counter-initiates strategy, responsible for the spread of global terrorism, since 2001, and the attempt of contraction of freedom and democratic guarantees and liberties, where they had been established along the last few centuries of human history.

The Roosevelt Movement? The RM was born to give concrete and operational answers to all those, who have become by reading “Freemasons. An Unlimited Liability Company ” finally aware of the real currently power dynamics in contemporary world and free to see beyond the veils of some mainstream manipulation and beyond the paranoid mania of conspiracy mindset (harshly refuted in the pages of the book FREEMASONS), who intend to strive to fight a good fight in defense of universal rights of all human beings, under every sky of the globe (not by chance, in the 3rd Article of the RM Statute, which refers to rooseveltian “purposes and principles”, were added the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human rights: the first case in the world of inclusion of this text in the statute of a Political Movement), and intend to defend and extend both the substantial popular sovereignty at every level of governance, the welfare state and the moral and material prosperity, to the benefit of those who have always been excluded or who have been driven back into the hell of poverty and socio-economic subjection, after he tasted a minimum of dignity resulting from a job with fair wage.There is a long march and a tiring Democratic war to be achieved, for those generous pioneers who founded this extremely original meta-partisan political entity called Movement Roosevelt and for those deserving avant-gardists who are subscribing among the ranks of rooseveltian ordinary members, from Sicily to Piedmont, from Gioia Tauro to London (and so on). It will not be a short march, nor an easy war and without costs. But at the end, we will win. Because democracy (liberal and socially equitable, libertarian and laical, egalitarian and also meritocratic) is the only ideology that has a future ahead. A bright future, that sooner or later will enlighten the hearts and lives of billions of people.

We in the RM, on the other hand, say yes to a very different Globalization than the current one operated since 1992. We are going to propose a democratic globalization, equitable and sympathetic, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was godmother Eleanor Roosevelt. We in the RM say yes to a world thought according to the Glocal model (global interconnections and global freedom of circulation for goods and capital, but also for political, civil, labor union and job rights, conjugated with the attention to the local specificities of certain economies), yes to a free market without monopolies and oligopolies and integrated by a wise and strategic role of public institutions (such as the New Deal, promoted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the socially balanced capitalism advocated by John Maynard Keynes, the welfare state designed by William Beveridge and realized more or less everywhere, in the West, between 1945 and the early '80s). We of the RM want to introduce, while respecting the free market, the constitutionalization of the right to work for every citizen and the imperative principle and constitutionally guaranteed of full employment for all, including the public and private sectors. We in the MR have contempt and disgust for the current European (Dis)Union stepmother, technocratic and anti-democratic, but we would like to see realized, one day, the United States of Europe authentically democratic and cohesive, as well as had been envisioned by Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Victor Hugo, Altiero Spinelli and many other sincere progressives. We of the RM want to bring back the sovereignty to the people, in Italy and everywhere. And we want to make concrete the right to happiness and a decent life for all and for each one (no one should be left behind, in the indifference of his "brothers" Human), while respecting the diversity of inclinations, talents and creative skills, which make some deserving of greater wealth or success.

Who wants to join us, those who intend to write the most fascinating pages of history of their own time, those who want to live their lives with the dignity of the citizen and not with the subjugation of the vassal, who wants to show himself worthy of his status of “sovereign” pro-share, go to the official RM website ( and follow the simple instructions for subscribing. Once subscribed in the RM, from Italy or anywhere else in the world, those citizens that they have done it, will cease to feel alone, facing the abuses of the Guardians of the New Reaction, facing the Keepers of the New Restoration, the Apprentices Sorcerers of globalization without global rights and without freedom and democracy, the gravediggers of popular sovereignty and widespread prosperity.

Milan-London: 24-25th February, 2016.


Gioele Magaldi

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