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Brussels, Gioele Magaldi: “Isis? Just manual labour. Risks for Italy"

Gioele Magaldi, the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Democratico, analyses in an interview for the hidden significance of the Brussels attacks.

- How should we interpret the tragic facts of Brussels?

In the exact same way as Paris attacks on 7 January and 13 November 2015. These facts have an esoteric-masonic-symbolic leading thread that, this time though less obvious than the previous attacks (I suggest you to read the interview that I gave to Affari Italiani on the 17th of November 2015, in which I explain the resounding references that connect these attacks to the tradition of the Order of the Templars), appears just as significant. The Brussels attacks occurred on 22 March, exactly one day after the important masonic reoccurrence of the 21 March Spring Equinox, under the astrological cardinal sign of Aries, governed by the god-planet Mars, the god of War. The first sign that the reactionary and neo-aristocratic masons behind the Brussels attacks send to those capable of understanding, and to future posterity, is that they intend to inaugurate the astrological year (that commences precisely with Aries and the Spring Equinox) with a renewed War against the democratic, lay, liberal and libertarian values, at least ideally endorsed by the European Parliament, that has one of its seats at Brussels. It little matters that the actual UE is not very democratic in substance. What counts is the fact that, any substantial democratic improvement of the European Union, any hypothesis of its evolution into the United States of Europe, it should start from a new sovereignty and centrality of that European Parliament that, at the moment, exercise only marginal powers. Striking Brussels, one wants to mortify the very idea of a real evolution and a full development of continental parliamentary power ( the sole real entity entitled to represent the European People) that has its main seat in the Belgian capital. Moreover, as has often occurred along contemporary history, in the selection of certain dates, one anticipates or defers by few hours, certain conduct with respect to the fixed dates (refer to certain pages of the book, ‘Freemasons: an Unlimited Liability Company. The Discovery of the Ur- Lodges, by Chiarelettere), but these advances and postponements are in turn filled with punctual and highly relevant meaning and symbolic allusions. In realizing the Brussels attacks at approximately 8 o’clock in the morning on 22 March , in the first place it refers to the indefinite prospect of recurrence of terrorist acts (8 is the number that in the pythagorean-hermetic-masonic tradition symbolises infinity); secondly, with additional astrological recall (already utilized in relation to the inception of Isis and the first public release of its Caliphate, the reactionary masons Al-Baghdādī, as is recounted in the final chapter of ‘Masons’), are chosen precisely that time and that day, because in that moment (22 March 2016, at 8am) is realized a very special astral conjunction between the Moon (Attributable to the goddess Isis and therefore ISIS and therefore to the Ur-Lodge/ Superlodge ‘Hathor-Pentalpha’, as one who has read the book ‘Masons’ will well know) and Jupiter in the sign of Virgo (another reminder of Isis and ISIS, and to ‘Hathor Pentalpha’). But the symbolic resonance, precise to the millimeter I would say, do not stop here. It is based on historical occurrences and current events, as well as on the strictly esoteric and astrological tradition. The 22nd of March is also the day in which the celebrated 5 days of Milan were terminated in 1848: one of the most important pages of the Italian Risorgimento and nineteenth-century struggles for the conquest of democracy and the state of rights. An extremely important date for progressive western masons, that were protagonists of that splendid Milanese epos, which had huge european resonance. Striking the 22th of March, the reactionary masonic masterminds that direct ISIS launched, first of all a precise message to those who would like to realize an Italian and European Risorgimento in a solution of continuity with the actual continental technocratic and oligarchic governance that has its epicenter in Frankfurt, in the BCE, and not at Brussels, in the European Parliament. The message is: on 22 March of 1848 you began the real Italian and European Risorgimento against tyrannical and antidemocratic powers, but on 22 March 2016, with the massacres carried out by fundamentalist and theocratic terrorists ISIS, we give you a signal entirely anti-risorgimental and averse to any democratic evolution of the Old Continent. There is more. On 21 March 2015, in Perugia, Italy, the Roosevelt Movement was founded (, a political meta-party entity that in its statute has as primary objective: the real and comprehensive promotion of substantial popular sovereignty and Universal Human Rights, as enshrined in the famous Declaration adopted by the UN on December 10, 1948. On 19 February 2016 (a few weeks ago), and during the presentation of the book ‘Masons’, taken place in front of the prestigious audience at the London Metropolitan University, the global terrorism of ISIS was discussed and, above all, the first branch of the London Roosevelt Movement was founded. In London, the masonic capital, the cosmopolitan and economic-financier of the world. The Roosevelt Movement, in its current inaugurated supranational diffusion (soon we will officiate the birth of Roosevelt branches in New York, in Washington, Paris, Berlin and Brussels…) and the contents of the book ‘Masons’ (currently editions in Spanish, English, French and also Arabic are in progress)
together will constitute a political-cultural “jemmy” able to demystify the true masterminds and the real plot of global masonic Terrorism (reactionary and counter-started) which use the Islam fundamentalism as its executing hand. Also, just recently, the undersigned, already Grand Master of the Grand Orient Democratic, was designated as the Sovereign Grand Commander and Patriarch of the European Universal Rite, a rite of progressive masonic perfection that precisely in Europe and at Brussels (seat of the European Parliament) It aims to be a gathering organ of aggregation for all the healthy, clean, and democratic masonic forces, and as a “bastion” to any further oligarchic, technocratic and terrorist drift at the expense of the European people. I believe I can identify- I was given confirmation by some friends in the US intelligence- precisely the fact that the Roosevelt Movement was founded on 21 March 2015 and I was designated a head of the Universal European Rite on 21 March 2016 (what had long been known in international Masonic circles, both liberal and reactionary) one of the various motives for realizing the attack precisely on the date of 22 March. One of the motives, alongside those of more purely esoteric-astrological nature (of a scientific precision) and with nineteenth century references, as mentioned above.

- How is it possible that Europe has suffered another so dramatic attack at only 4 months from Paris?

As I have written from Autumn 2014 in the book Masons, predicting in advance the terrorist events that occurred in the last few months, and as underlined also in the interview conducted with Affari Italiani last 17th November , this is only the beginning. There is a supranational masonic war in progress, begun in 2001, after the breaking of the famous United Freemasons for Globalization pact, which had been stipulated in 1981.
That truce, lasting 20 years, was broken with the events of 11 September 2001, when the super lodge ‘Hathor Pentalpha’ made its sensational descent in the field and created its first global terrorist creature: Al Qaeda. For more info about all of the following global masonic events that followed from 2001 onwards, precisely after the breaking of that pact, that truce, refer to chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the book Masons. Society of Unlimited Responsibility. There is a war in progress between the arrogance of reactionary and anti-democratic freemasons, strongly present in particular planetary Ur-Lodges (super lodges) on one side, and the “Awakening of the Force” (it is not by chance that the eponymous film from the Star Wars saga was released only a few months ago, as explained punctually, last January, in the pages of of the progressive democratic masonic international network on the other side. In the midst of this war- and the stakes are nothing less than the definitive failure of substantive democracy, of social justice and liberty even in the West (elsewhere democracy has never taken root, so far) - occurs and will occur more and more terrible events like these, recently, of Paris (7 January and 13 November 2015) and Brussels (22 March 2016).

- Is it of no surprise the fact that the terrorists were able to attack Brussels, a city that should have been reinforced after the arrest of Salah?

Exactly. As I have already publicly denounced in the interview given to Affari Italiani after the terrorist attacks of 13 November last year, it was impossible, for the Paris bombers, to strike where they had struck, without the connivance of some unfaithful servants of the French State with counter terrorism duties (accomplices of Hathor-Pentalpha and other connected super lodges), just as it was impossible to strike Brussels without that within the intelligence and Belgian anti-terrorism, in which there were members who were subjects subservient to the plans of the instigators of those bombs and those massacres. It is not by chance, that personnel of the US intelligence (traceable to progressive masonic environments) denounced more or less publicly, with anger, disdain and disgust, the incredible lack of security of their Belgian colleagues.

- What is the connection between Brussels, Paris, and Charlie Hebdo? Is there always a non-islamic hand behind?

Of course there is. As I’ve told you, as I have been explaining for years now, with the book Masons and with a myriad of interviews (censured by the mainstream media circuit and all of those radio-television and papers organs on which the reactionary masons still hold a certain influence; censured as this interview that I am conducting today will probably be censured or neglected, but I suppose will have a terrific spread over social media, and between common people, as occurred with the interview on17 November 2015), the direction of the terrorist events of Paris and Brussels is attributable to some known oligarchic and stateless Freemasons reunited in Super-lodges known as ‘Hathor Pentalpha’, ‘Geburah’, ‘Compass Star-Rose’, ‘Amun’, and ‘Der Ring’. The Islamic fundamentalists serve just as a weapon easy to manipulate, nothing more.

- In 2016 there will be the elections in the US and in 2017 in France and Germany. Is this connected with the wave of attacks?

Of course it is. There is an extremely close relationship especially with what is happening in the US presidential elections and there will be new attacks, in connection with the French and German electoral developments of 2017.
But given the scale of the subjects already treated so far, I propose that these very important themes are approached ad hoc, with a special and separate interview. In the meantime, I can anticipate that the link between the US presidential elections and the bombings of Brussels has been hinted at in recent days within the pages of the Democratic Grand Orient official site (

Do you believe that these attacks can continue and can also target Italy?
Unfortunately, the symbolic “anti-risorgimental" and undemocratic reference of the Brussels bombings on 22 March 2016, to the glorious event of the 5 days of Milan on 22 March, 1848 portend that Italy will be the next country targeted by Isis terrorists and their instigators. British and American intelligence sources confirms that. And, probably, the city of Milan is the one more at risk. However, I would note that there are many intelligence agents operating in Italy from various countries who are particularly connected to progressive masonic circles. It will not be easy, for the global counter-initiatory Terrorism, to strike Italy. And let me tell you, at the AISE summit (Agency for Information and external security, ex SISMI), operates a man of great intelligence, skills and institutional loyalty, the General Alberto Manenti, a real guarantee for Italian citizens security, at this historic moment.

- What can and must Europe do to respond to this situation?

Europe must democratize in its fundamental institutional mechanisms and, once the full legislative authority and control will be returned to the European sovereign people, they must create cohesive and well-organised community structures, to affront enemies both internal and external to the West, mostly supranational and stateless of substantial popular sovereignty, create than structures of social justice, of secularism, of pluralism, based on the universal rights of citizens.
In this perspective, let me state emphatically, the Universal European Rite (REU), a progressive and democratic masonic entity of intercontinental breath that I mentioned earlier, will certainly play an important role.
And, anyway, the ISIS troops in the territories of the Middle East, where they hold innocent populations hostage, harassed and tortured, must be razed to the ground, and then we must stop to pretend to "export democracy” the way we did it till today, and we must truly and “Rooseveltianly” implement it in those places. Not by chance the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is camped in the Roosevelt Movement statute. A Movement that I have had the honor to found alongside many “citizens of the world” who believe in a future of peace, democracy, justice and prosperity.


“Dietro l’Isis c’è la massoneria. Ora rischiano l’Italia e Milano. Bruxelles, Gioele Magaldi: ‘Isis? Solo manovalanza. Rischi per l’Italia”, intervista di Lorenzo Lamperti a Gioele Magaldi, pubblicata il 25 marzo 2016 su AFFARI ITALIANI


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