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New Europeans Perspectives N. 3 : Who are the agents of change in Europe postcovid ?

Live Stream Debate Ancients paradims are changing at all level and where are we now : backward, forward, nowhere… ?

Everywhere: groups, mouvements, associations, people have and propose and spread ideas, petitions, plans, even streams of connsciousness... to change, after covid, this world who is still in ancients paradigms at many levels (economicals, environnementals, ecc).

But concretely, how all these storms of energy may be trasformed in action for the progress of all, to come out from the post-covid crise better thant we enter ? How to drive the change ? For the moment, is there anybody who's driving the change ?

We see in this moment public institutions (ECB, FED, OMS, ...), states, private corporations on the action. For the bad or the good, ... but people, citizen in Europe, why for the moment they don't arrive to drive the change ?
Lack of democracy, vision, whatever?

We discuss all this with:

- Marie Helene Caillol, President of Laboratoire européen d'Anticipation Politique ( and Publishing director of GEABbyLEAP (

- Marianne Ranke-Cormier, President of #CitizensRoute (

- Marco Moiso, Supervisor Roosevelt Mouvement UK, vice president Movimento Roosevelt (

- Nino Galloni, Economist, President of Center of Monetary Studies (, vice president Movimento Roosevelt

Host: Maria Zei, Supervisor Mouvement Roosevelt France (
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